Quick Start Guide

When you open LandscapePro, you will see the Home screen.

To begin working on an image, click on the Open Image button. This will let you browse to the image you want to work on. Alternatively, drag an image onto LandscapePro or use the Open With… command from your computer’s file browser.

Label the image

First, drag the labels from the sidebar on to different parts of the image. For example drag the Sky label to any sky you see in the image.

After pressing Continue, areas of the image will be automatically selected. You can adjust the selection using the Selection Editing Tools .

After pressing Continue again you have the option to adjust the Horizon.

Click Continue once more to access the editing tools.

Tips: Adding labels is optional. Opening an image without labels will give you access to basic editing tools.

Enhancing the image

At the top of the controls panel there are buttons for returning to the Home screen, Save, Undo, Redo, and Show Original.

Underneath these, to the left of your image, you will find the Side Panel with the editing controls.

The controls are:

Add & Edit Areas – used to return to the labelling stage to refine the selections.

Global Presets – presets that affect all of the other sections. For example a Global Preset could change the sky, the lighting and the ground. Global Presets have no sliders of their own as they are just presets to change the rest of the sections.

Lighting Brushes – for manually changing areas of light and shadow using 2D and 3D brushes.

Whole Picture – for making overall picture adjustments such as exposure or contrast.

Style or B&W, Bokeh, Vignette – for adding Vignettes, converting images to Black and White or Sepia, and adjusting Depth of Field.

Depth – for adjusting colors depending on their distance from the camera. For instance you can choose to brighten objects in the mid distance while darkening nearby and far away objects.

Targeted editing – Any labels you applied to your image will appear with their own set of Sliders and Presets. e.g.Water, Mountain, Building, Ground, Grass, Plant, Tree, Object, Person, Animal, Rock, Metal, Sand.

Unlabeled – for making adjustments to any areas that remain unlabeled, i.e. areas that are not colored in the Add & Edit Areas section.

Lighting – for making adjustments to the lighting of the whole image.

Fixes – Sliders to remove noise (speckling) and to straighten the horizon and fix lines that should be vertical.

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