v3 Upgrading

How do I upgrade LandscapePro?

If you have a license for LandscapePro then the best way to choose upgrades is via your Anthropics support account. Here you’ll be able to view all of your licenses and see which upgrades are suitable for your software.

If you have not registered an account, you can use your activation token to view your license in the license manager.

How do I use my upgrade token?

To complete the upgrade, we need to link your current LandscapePro license token (which begins with LP) and your upgrade token (which begins with UP).

If you did not see the instructions on the confirmation page after paying for the upgrade, please go to the license manager.

Type in your current token (LP) and click enter, and on the next page type in your upgrade token (UP). This will upgrade your license, and you will see your new activation token and the download links for the new software.

How can I look up my current token?

If you don’t know your current token enter the email address you used when you bought your license here, and you will be emailed a link that will show you all of the licenses bought with that email address.

Tips: If you’re having difficulty, our customer support team will be happy to help. You can register for a support account even if you aren’t sure what your license details are.