2 thoughts on “v3 Dialogs Reference”

  1. I have recently installed the studio upgrade and am having a problem. Once I have edited a photo I cannot find how to print that photo. In the past I have used Picasa and there is no problem with printing. Since there seems to a problem with this software ,my computer, me, etc. I cannot get the edited photo back into picasa. I am sure it is my lack of knowledge. So, what can I do to print the edited photo?

    1. LandscapePro itself doesn’t have any printing options as there is plenty of free software (like Picasa) with excellent print support. So, in order to print you must save out the edited picture, then load it into another program to print it. I am not familiar with Picasa, but I believe it scans your directories looking for pictures, so if you save the result back in the same place, it should appear in Picasa for printing.

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