7 thoughts on “v3 Reference”

  1. I want to buy Landscape pro, but am thinking about buying a new computer, this time a Mac. Can I swap my windows version for a Mac version or do I have to buy a new program?

  2. Good morning,
    is the activation license for one or 2 computers . PS or LR is always for 2 .

    Herbie from

    1. Although the official license agreement states one install only, if you have a laptop and a desktop you will be able to install the software a second time for your own personal use only.

  3. Hi, I am trying to just darken certain elements like rocks, the 3d and 2d lights just darken everything indiscriminately , which is a shame as I have careful selected the rocks . The Rock menu does everything, makes them wet, colourful, everything, other than darken them. ok I can darken them a little, using the myriad of Hi/Low key etc sliders, but nothing gets them really dark. I have come accross this problem before.

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