v3 Selection Editing Tools

The Selection editing tools are available under the Add & Edit Areas section.

LandscapePro offers different editing options for different features in your image. The Selection tools are used to adjust the areas where the enhancements are made.

To begin selecting, drag and drop the appropriate labels (Sky, Water, Sand, etc.) onto features in your image. LandscapePro will automatically select the areas that have been labeled but depending on the picture you may want to refine these. The selection editing tools let you manually adjust these areas.

The selection editing tools are “smart” tools, in that they will automatically detect the edges of regions. Read the Pull tool first, it is the default tool and some of the other tools work in a similar way. Understanding each of the tools’ strengths is key to get great results with complex images.

The following tools are available:
Smart Brush

Tree & Sky
Object In Sky
Horizon Line
Reflection Edge

10 thoughts on “v3 Selection Editing Tools”

    1. On the home screen there is a slider bar that you can use to adjust the size of the elements in the software.

    2. Same issue with this software. it’s not easy to read. the problem is the black page with
      reverse type on it. i think i’m going to request a refund. Just bought it after i tried
      the trial edition. i thought the one you bought would be more user friendly.

      1. You’ve found the picture zoom slider! The slider to make the text etc larger is on the home screen, when you first load the software.

  1. How can I remove some objects like wires, objects etc from the sky. I can do that in photo shop. Is that possible in Landscape pro

    1. The only way you can currently remove objects from the sky is labeling them as sky, then replacing the sky. It is a feature we may add to future versions if there is demand for it.

  2. I Have Pull, but no other tools. How do I access the other tools? And how do I advance to edit?
    the continue button will only go to step two.

    1. Follow the onscreen instructions. The Pull tool is the most important, so the other tools only become available after using the Pull tool for the first time.

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