v3 Pull Tool

This is the main tool for editing selections. Click on an area that has been correctly selected (such as an area of Sky) and drag to extend the selection from one place to another. The tool will automatically find edges.

The faster you drag, the larger the selected area will be. You can also change how large an area is selected by adjusting the Strength slider.

If you select something by accident, you can undo and try again slower or with a lower strength. Alternatively, you can drag from another area in order to push a selection back if it has gone too far.

Tip: Undo a change made during the selection by pressing Ctrl+Z (Cmd+Z). 

Locking areas

When you drag it selects areas all the way along where you drag. This means you cannot selected disconnected areas simply by dragging.

To apply the same label to areas which are not connected, click on the label Lock it. Now any area you select using the tools will have this label applied. Click on the label again to unlock it.

You can click on labels on the image, or in the side panel. You can also lock labels by holding Shift while clicking anywhere on the image that is marked as that label.

10 thoughts on “v3 Pull Tool”

  1. I find this very unclear and definitely not helpful in understanding what to do. I mean, how do I edit out the parts I no long want.

    1. To correct an area drag another area over the top as shown in the video. If you don’t want it selected as anything at all, use the ‘Unlabeled’ label in the third row of labels.

  2. How do I zoom in to drag into smaller areas without the whole picture moving with the drag? I have not been able to zoom in to work, only to view.

    1. You can zoom in with the scroll wheel on your mouse, the + and – keys or the zoom slider in the bottom right. Additionally, if you have no tool selected, you can zoom in/out by single clicking on the image.

  3. How do I select backgrounds through complex foregrounds with small gaps such as grates on bridges, trees, and other irregular openings?

  4. Am I missing something here? I label areas of a mountain scene. Then press Continue as directed. Nothing happens. No enhancements are shown. Just the labeled areas are shown in the labeling colors. How are the enhancements shown on screen?

    1. Just continue following the onscreen instructions. After being shown the labeling colors, you have a chance to correct them then continue to the enhancements.

  5. I noticed this video completely skipped over how to edit the sky that was inside the tree branches that were not captured by the original sky replacement. How do you do that and not lose the leaves and branches. I’ve tried on my own photos and the sky replacement does not fill inbetween branches, and it even removes items from the roof lines such as pipes and chimneys. Is there a video to specifically help with this?

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