v3 Picture File Formats

Does the software support color profiles?

Yes, in LandscapePro Studio and Studio Max editions. Select the Settings option on the main screen to choose how color profiles are used. LandscapePro Studio and Studio Max are color-managed applications and will use your monitor color profile to display colors correctly on your monitor.

Should I use JPEGs or TIFFs?

JPEG is a “lossy” file format, which means the files can be much smaller than “lossless” formats such as TIFF. However, the smaller file size is at the expense of image quality.

Even though this may be imperceptible if you just save the image once, the quality losses will be multiplied each time you load and save the image. This means you should use TIFF files if you intend to make multiple changes to an image in different sessions or using different programs.

What picture formats do you support?

LandscapePro Standard supports JPEGs, and TIFFs with 8- or 16-bits per color sample (24- or 48-bits per pixel). It can load in all of these formats and will always save in 8-bits per color sample.

LandscapePro Studio and Studio Max editions also support reading most camera RAW file types. It will saveĀ TIFF files with the same number of bits as the original file.