General Settings

To bring up this dialog, return to the Home screen and click the Settings button in the top left hand corner.

The settings available under the General tab are:

Show tips as you use LandscapePro

Unchecking the box turns off the tips, so you will no longer be prompted with tips on how to use LandscapePro.

Load 16 bit images as 8 bit then reprocess as 16 bit on Save ( Off: Slow)

Checking the box will save you some time on loading images if you only have small adjustments to make to your images.

Auto Plugin Mode

If this is checked, LandscapePro will enter plug-in mode if a path is specified on the command line when launching the application.

Check the box to use the Studio version as a Plugin. Uncheck the box if you regularly open images directly in LandscapePro.

Send anonymous usage data to improve LandscapePro

Allow your software to collect data anonymously and send it to Anthropics to help improve the software.

Jpeg Compression Setting. Higher is better quality.

Adjust the amount of compression when saving a jpg image. Smaller values produce smaller files, higher values produce larger, but better looking files.

Maximum image display size

If you have problems loading very large images into the software, they might be too large for your graphics card to display. If that’s the case you can lower this value. It will only affect what you see in the software, images will still be saved at the original size.