Supported File Types

LandscapePro can read and write the following types of files:

Type  Extension  Description
JPEG  .jpg; .jpeg  Image file type that uses lossy compression
TIFF  .tif; .tiff  Image file type that is uncompressed or uses loss-less compression
Note: TIFF files containing images that have 16 bits per color sample (48 bits per pixel) are only supported in the Studio edition.
LP .lp  Proprietary file type used by LandscapePro to store a session

Studio Edition

In addition, LandscapePro Studio supports reading the following camera RAWfiles:

Manufacturer Type
Adobe .dng
ARRI .ari
Canon .crw; .cr2
Epson  .erf
Fuji .raf
Imacon  .fff
Kodak .tif; .kdc; .dcr
Mamiya .mef; .mos
Minolta .mrw
Nikon .nef
Olympus .orf
Panasonic .raw; .rw2
Pentax .ptx; .pef
Phase One .tif; .iiq
Red .r3d
QuickTake .qtk
Sony .arw; .srf; .sr2


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    1. You should be able to double click it, the file extension association must have broken on your machine. On a PC, you can fix it using “Open With…” then choosing Always use this app… You can also drag and drop .lp2 files or open them with the normal “Open Image” button.

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