Labeled Area

Shows a tab for Presets of changes made to the whole picture, and a tab for adjusting sliders to change the whole picture.

Main sliders

The first set of sliders are for quickly tweaking the overall brightness and colors in the image.

Top (Style) Slider – The first slider allows you to apply an overall color, brightness and contrast style to the whole image. The drop down box on the left lets you choose from different color, brightness and contrast styles. For instance, improver will detect what type of landscape you have and intelligently improve it. Other options let you apply the colors and shades of sunset or dusk for instance.

Style Contrast – This slider bellow lets you tweak how much change there is to the brightness and contrast from the style slider without affecting the colors. When it is at 0, only the hue and saturation of the pixels will be changed, when it is at 1 the brightness of the pixels will be changed to the maximum amount specified by the style slider.


Contrast – Adjusts the amount of difference between the light and dark area in the image.

Hi/Low Key – When set to 1, it will turn the image into a high key image, with generally bright colors and good contrast. When set to -1 it will turn the image into a low key image with generally dark colors and extreme contrast. At 0 it has no effect.

Fill Light – Used to brighten, especially in underexposed areas.

Exposure Recovery – Fixes over exposed areas, if there are any.

Blacks – Darkens the blacks in the area to make the image more punchy.





Vibrance – Increases the intensity of colorful areas while grayer areas are changed less.

Saturation – Increases or decreases the intensity of all the colors in the image.

Colorfulness – Makes an image more colorful by increasing the intensity and range of colors.

Temperature – Sliding to the right warms the image, making it more red, sliding to the left cools the image making it bluer.

Tint – Adjusts the tint of the image. Sliding to the right makes the image greener, to the left, more magenta.

Reset Section and Save Sliders

Clicking the Reset Section will set all the sliders in the section to zero making the section have no effect.

Save Preset opens a box to name a preset. Type a preset name then press OK to save a preset. The preset stores all the slider values and drop down choices.

This will then be available to you now and when you next open the software to use again.

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