Camera RAW Files

Do you use dcraw?

LandscapePro Studio uses dcraw for decoding some RAW files, and we have slightly modified it, so if you would like a copy of our dcraw source code please open a support ticket

What RAW and DNG formats can be decoded?

LandscapePro Studio edition supports the following types of raw files: Adobe (.dng), Canon (.crw .cr2), Fuji (.raf), Kodak (.tif .kdc .dcr), Minolta (.mrw), Nikon (.nef), Olympus (.orf), Pentax (.ptx .pef), Sony (.arw .srf .sr2), Epson (.erf), Mamiya (.mef .mos), Panasonic (.rw2), Phase One (.tif), Imacon (.fff)

If you find your particular RAW format is not decoded correctly, your alternative solution is to process your files into Adobe RAW using the free Adobe converter for this.
The Windows download is here:
and Mac one here:

With this you can convert all of your RAW files into the common Adobe RAW DNG Digital Negative format. You will lose no information from the files in doing this, but the resulting DNG files will load into many more programs correctly including LandscapePro Studio.

Can I work with RAW, DNG files, and 16 bits per color images in LandscapePro?

Yes, in LandscapePro Studio and Studio Max editions. Compare LandscapePro editions here.